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Maharashtra is famous for forts, courtesy Chatrapathi Sivaji. Historically, many forts existed much before Sivaji’s times, but it is his conquering of these forts which made most of the famous. Officially, there are over a 100 forts in Maharashtra and a majority of them are easily accessible.

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Induri Fort in Talegaon

Induri fort is a relatively small fort constructed in the early 1700s by Sarsenapati Sardar Khanderao Dabhade. The fort is mostly in ruins and full of overgrown bushes, but it still is a good...

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Trek to Tikona Fort

Tikona fort, also known as Vitandgad, is one of the easier forts to climb and would be a good introductory, yet interesting trek. The fort is close to Pavana Dam. The fort is on...