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Lenyadri Caves Ashtavinayak Temple 5

Lenyadri Caves Ashtavinayak Temple

The Lenyadri cave complex is a series of Buddhist rock-cut caves (like Karla, Bhaja), but also happens to have the only Ashtavinayak temple on a mountain! So, an easy climb to a beautiful cave...

bedse_caves_near_kamshet 18

Bedse Caves near Kamshet

Bedse caves would complete the trio of Buddhist caves around Lonavala and Kamshet along with Karla Caves and Bhaja caves. But the bedse caves relatively lesser known to the touristy crowd and gets much...

karla_caves_near_lonavala 21

Karla Caves near Lonavala

Karla and Bhaja caves are kind of sister caves, as in most tourists visit both of them in a single day as they are less than 10 kms apart. Karla caves are also of...