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Imagine going to a beautiful fort and then learning that you have to climb 2 hours to see the “beautiful” part. The aim of this page is to help you avoid such scenarios. You choose the options you are interested in and this page lists only those places which qualify for those options. If you need details on the assumptions, please scroll down below.






  • If you don’t care about a particular category, leave it empty. Places which fit into all the different kinds in that category will be displayed. If you don’t see any output after clicking Search, then i probably don’t have a place to list for the combination you chose.
  • You have to press Search if you change any options and want to see the revised list.
  • Duration: Under the assumption that you are using your own transport. Half Day: 5-6 hrs One day: Start early morning and back by night Weekend: Requires an overnight stay Weekday: Close to/Within the city that you can visit even after work
  • Area: Pune: Within/Very close to Pune City. Near Pune: Usually < 100 Kms. Konkan: Anywhere on the Arabian coast 🙂
  • Type: Drive: Mostly, a place known for scenic beauty, but the drive to the place is also good. Walk: May/May not be uphill, but assumption that it doesn’t require any special physical fitness. Trek: Better to be in good shape if you want to attempt (I am a typical S/W guy with reasonable levels of fitness!). Just See: The drive to the place is nothing much to write about, but you have stuff to see at the destination.
  • If you think that any of the places need a reclassification, let me know through the contact form.
  • Disclaimer: These ratings are my assumptions and may differ for you 🙂

95 Responses

  1. Ajit says:

    We have a group of ladies ( foreign nationals ).They would like visit waterfall near to Pune on 4th Of July 2019.They have to back to Pune airport by 0300 pm to board their onward journey flight.Would you suggest any prominent place which could be covered.

  2. awesome blog man!

  3. Shubhada says:

    Need to know some good option to visit along with my husband, 3 yr and 8 yr kids and my parents on 9th and 10th June. Don’t want any hectic schedule.

  4. sampada says:

    would like to congratulate you for the extremely useful and wonderful inflog (information blog). each time i need help on planning a vacation or more information i turn to this.
    am planning a weekend visiting the least known yet beautiful and hence non-crowded places around satara. avinash has mentioned in the comments about some more places , other than those listed by him.
    am interested in such places and would like to know about the uncrowded places around satara from avinash.

  5. Apurva says:

    I am planning a short trip tomorrow. Just want to spend some quality time with my mother and younger brother.
    But don’t want a hectic schedule/ drive .
    Would you please suggest me something.
    Thanks & Regards,


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