Drive through Varandha Ghat

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  1. Sarang Kulkarni says:

    Vardana Ghat is very awesome place to see waterfalls and natural beauty. I visited this place on 14th August 2017. Its very cool and cloudy place.

    You can’t enjoying this ghat if you drive at evening time, b.coz that is cloudy area and cant’t able to see roads after 7:30 PM.

    There is single road to drive , must be halt at side to pass car / busses .
    this ghat is too difficult drive at evening time in monsoon(Rainy) season.

    google map shows “shortcut way” to reach at pune from kokan. use alternative mahabaleshwar road to reach pune.
    don’t use this road at night. vardhana ghat distance near about 60km -70km approximate.

    finally got awesome experience in life, with drive car & pass vardhana ghat in time 5:00PM to 8:30PM.

    plz. enjoy vardhana ghat in day period.

  2. Vikash Sharma says:

    This was my third visit to varandhghat I visited in the year2013,2015 and on 12.08.2017 in the year 2013 we experienced the nature’s beauty the most while returning from the shivthirugal we experienced the clouds below the mountains though no air for our enova till NH4 In the last visit we experienced the same problem we took our snacks and meal with us otherwise It would be a big problem.the varandhghat is most beautiful connect with nature

  3. Mehaboob Patel says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    We are visitng to this place tomorrow. What else we can do through out our journey and which are the places to visit here. Please share your experience with us so that we can plan better.

  4. Raman says:

    Hi Rajaram, nice blog.
    I am planning to go through Verandah ghats in an XUV. I have not driven on ghats before, what do you suggest I take care of? Is it safe?
    Please reply on mail. Thanks for your time. 🙂

  5. replied on email.

  6. Mayur says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Its a very nice piece of information about not very know road in sahyadri. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
    I am planning to go Velneshwar on 6th March. There are 2 3 route options for us but as I have already covered other so thinking to go via Varandha Ghat.
    We are two people going by one bike, so do you think it is ok to go by this route in March? (I know there will be no good scenery at this time of year, we just want to enjoy road and ghat)
    Also it would be good if you share the road condition after Varandha Ghat (ie. Mahad to Chiplun).

    Thanks again for information, looking forward for your reply.:)


  7. Rajaram S says:

    replied on mail

  8. Dhananjay says:

    Planning to go to Dapoli via Varandha ghat coming April. Haven’t been through this ghat before. Could you please tell me how difficult this ghat is for drive. Is it one way ghat or both way traffic. also roughly how long the ghat is ?


  9. Rajaram S says:

    replied on email

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