Mapro Garden in Panchgani

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  1. Laxmi Strawberry Farm says:

    Laxmi Strawberry Farm, the place to be all year round and especially at strawberry season!!! Come and spend the day picking and eating ripe organic strawberries, down in our fields!

  2. ketan sodha says:

    We have noticed and experienced the most pathetic food serving experience from
    One of the most reputed company operating in the Mahableshware region MAPRO; which are as
    Date: 26/12/2015
    Time: 8.45 pm
    Grill sandwich: Substandard quality of Tomato’s were used to serve grill sandwich
    which was unwashed, unripen green on colour.
    Pizza: undercooked, even cheese was not melted, short on toppings, missing
    toppings as claimed in menu.
    Strawberries with cream; Strawberries was unripe, hard, extremely sour in
    taste, whites in colour, substandard quality; fresh cream was placed in such
    way that it was practically not possible to consume in one go.

    Hygiene: Countertop clearer person was roaming with extremely dirty wiping
    which was highly smelly and unclean (they could use special wiping sponge) he
    was using plan water filled with regular plastic bottle with hole on the top to
    sprinkle water to clean the glass counter table. (they could use spray bottle
    with soppy water for better result)
    Above matter was brought in to notice of on duty manager Mr.Pravin Maluskar
    Immediately, he later arranged some amount of cash refund but that was not our
    objective and same was entered in to your complaint registered.

  3. Mapro says:

    Thank you for taking time to leave a review following your visit to Mapro Garden. We are over whelmed by your overall positive feedback.

    We are glad you enjoyed your visit as well as the location. Your positive feedback motivates us to serve our customer even better.

    It was a pleasure having you as our guest.. We are looking forward to see you soon!

  4. Rajaram S says:

    June is too late for the strawberrys. April/May are the best months

  5. Surya says:

    Great Site. Can you tell me if June 1st weekend will have the strawberry festival/plucking? Thanks

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