Shivling peak near Lions Point, Lonavala

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  1. Saurabh Dua says:

    Hi, for reaching Goa , how about if someone drives to Lonavala highway , takes the Pali road , reaches Mumbai Goa highway , then goes to Goa ?

    Asking since other roads like Amboli are too bad and time taking to transfer from Mumbai Bangalore Highway to Goa highway,+Hadapsar,+Pune,+Maharashtra,+India&daddr=Dahivati+Tarf+Boreti,+Maharashtra,+India+to:Kolad,+Maharashtra,+India+to:Panjim,+Goa,+India&hl=en&sll=18.601998,73.545227&sspn=1.045125,1.234589&geocode=FV6HGgEd_AloBClNRdM_jcHCOzHE0KAIEGuuOA%3BFd6rHgEdDlZeBCnbPeCy7wfoOzF6hE4_uBZuyA%3BFRvhGAEdSBldBCmxcbUAlT3oOzHTSdhwMMnKUg%3BFYhn7AAdkF9mBCnZzGEzqcC_OzFhvuUkCxKY3Q&oq=panji&mra=ls&t=m&z=8

    Though lengthly I think it can be less time taking if Pali road and Mumbai Goa highway road is good , can you comment please

  2. Rajaram S says:

    from Lonavala, just ask for Busi Dam road, keep driving on it towards Amby Valley (there is only one road) and you should reach this view point (on the right)

  3. Kaustubh says:

    hey rajaram,
    thanks for the post… nice info … can you tell how to reach this Lion’s View Point from Lonavala / Pune? i checked-up in your previoius post also on this topic.


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