Golfway – Glow in the Dark – mini golf course in Pune


In spite of this mini golf place being open for more than a year, not many knew about it, at least amongst my colleagues and friends. No, the low awareness doesn’t mean that this place is of low quality. The place gets a definite a+ as far as entertainment at a reasonable cost is concerned.


I have been a fan of mini golf right after the first time i tried it. I have been to all the courses in Cyprus and even a few in USA (San Jose was excellent). The ones in Cyprus pale in comparison to Golfway. The course is called “Glow in the Dark” course and has been beautifully designed such that everything glows (Neon light kinds) when the lights are switched off (or is it on 🙂 ).

Considering the ‘exotic’ness of games such as mini golf and go-karting, the price is extremely reasonable.  For rupees 150, you get to play 18 holes of mini-golf and you also get a sandwich and a fruit drink (which is homemade TANG, much better compared to any of the bottled drinks!). On top of this, you also get a game coin which can be used to play any of the numerous arcade games. A game of air hockey costs just 1 game coin. So, if two of you go, you can get a good game of golf + food + a neat 2 games of air hockey!

If you have already had your lunch/dinner and are in mood for these ‘free’ foodstuff, a 18 hole game without all these perks costs just 100 bucks. And this is for 1-1.5 hours of good fun. On top of this, you would spend some time appreciating the neat idea of “Glow in the dark” and maybe like Vidhya, think about adapting some of these concepts for your home! UPDATE: It seems that the price now( As on June 2010) is 190 rupees for just the game (on a weekend). The weekday rate, i guess, should be a little lesser.

There are lot of hidden bonuses too. The score card which you get to score your game has a “Buy 1 game, get 1 game free” coupon at the back. So, don’t throw it away. You could get a game free when you visit the next time. The 18th hole would look like an anticlimax to the other 17 holes. It is just a straight-forward shot into three possible pits numbered 1,2 and 3. But, what they don’t tell you is that if you hit into Pit no. 1 which requires you to get a straight shot, you get a free game coupon. Its a pity that we didn’t know about this, only Vidhya and Anu (2 from the 4 of us) managed this. Then, a guy slowly walks in and gives them free game coupons! That’s a freebie of 200 bucks! Now that you know this, there is no excuse for you to miss the number 1 pit!

The hole number 12 is a masterpiece. No, not in terms of the difficulty to hit the ball, but in terms of the design of the hole. Even if you have a bit of scientific inclination, i assure you that you will spend some time admiring the way the ball travels to the hole and try out all the combinations on this hole. I don’t want to give away the design of this hole. Go and admire it yourself!

On the whole, a very good place to spend  couple of hours on a weekend or a weekday rather than wile away the time watching India TV (Ok, a game of mini-golf cannot give you as much entertainment as an hour of India TV!).

UPDATE: This place has shutdown. if you know of any other mini-golf places in Pune, drop in a comment.

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6 Responses

  1. brenda higham says:

    please advise on prices and more information

  2. sweety says:

    hey what are the timings of this place?

  3. Jagan says:

    We had great time playing with bigger teams, this perfect place to release all your stress and anxiety….

    Jaganmohan K

  4. Satya says:

    Hi Golf is located quote opposite to Hyatt Hotel on the Nagar Road; we too are the regular visitors to golfway. It is a very fascinating location to spend considerable time with Family members and friends.

    2nd Floor , Srishti Centre, Opp. Hyatt Hotel, Nagar Road, Ramwadi, PUne.
    Land Line 020-65005472 or 9823009391/93

  5. Rashmi says:

    I enjoyed reading about your various escapades. Though I beg to differ on your Chokhi Dhani experience. We went there with a big gang so we had a gala time. If you could mail the address of the mini golf course I’d be really glad. Thanks. Regards, Rashmi.

  1. Aug 2, 2010

    […] was our second time at Golfway Mini-golf course, here in Pune. The last time, Akshara was too small to stand on her own and attempt the game. This […]

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