Trek to Korigad Fort near Aamby valley, Lonavala

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  1. Not sure of a direct bus connection. You can get to Ammby valley by bus and then something local.

  2. Taral Parekh says:

    can we go there by bus from mumbai?

  3. changing my comments on the blog. thanks

  4. Pramodh Raghuraman says:

    Hi Rajaram, had been to Korigad yesterday. It was a great visit thanks to your blog. Just a word of advice if you can add to your blog. Two guys drowned in the pond you are referring to in the blog. They are probably non swimmers but it still didn’t seem safe. We were there for about an hour on top and the public who dived in to help managed to save one person but the other two bodies were also not found till we left. So I guess there are better places to swim and this seemed best avoided.

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