Broken Road, Zero Visibility, Gale force winds – Wow!

Chalkewadi is a plateau known for its windmill farms. There are hundreds of huge windmills in this area. You can see details (directions, photos etc) on this other post. We had gone back to this place during the monsoon (combining with a trip to Thoseghar waterfalls). It was an extremely windy day. If you see the photo below, you can the water from the waterfall being blown upwards because of the force of the wind.


Once we reached the top of the plateau, we didnt see any windmills. For a second, i thought that i had missed the correct path. It never occurred to us that the mist was so heavy that we couldn’t see the huge windmills even while we were practically standing at the base of one! Luckily, it was not so cold considering the wind and the mist. Akshara enjoyed the conditions and she, surprisingly, found this harsh environment conducible for an impromptu dance 🙂 We also saw a plant whose movement in the wind looked cool. Akshara thought that this was a giant caterpillar! Check out the video below.

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  1. Anu says:

    very nice…… the mist reminds me of our visit to Munnar, when we could barely see the person in front of us….. wish i could get away to such places more often….. and the bush really looks like a caterpillar… eerily so…

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