Thoseghar waterfalls, Chalkewadi windmill farms near Satara

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  1. mahua chakravorty says:

    we relocated to belgium, and have come on a short visit to pune. was looking for how to reach bhigwan, when i came across your page and i looked on all the places that you have visited with your family. Just want to say that you page is very informative and helpful. The small details which you have mentioned is actually needed while travelling.
    Thank you

  2. Rajaram S says:

    i cannot answer w.r.t your 3 yr old. Obviously you cannot keep leave him alone as it is slippery.
    You can go to the right to a small fall which is the top of the main falls. Lot of ppl go there, but pl not it is still dangerous as a slip will take you down the main falls (last yr, a person died this way).
    You cannot go to the bottom of the main falls.

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