The side roads of Varandha Ghat

Varandha Ghat Off Beat Road

Varandha Ghat was considered very offbeat and remote until few years ago. If you haven’t been to Varandha Ghat, it is a must visit ghat section for the wild experience. Nowadays, shops have come up in front of every waterfall and it is no longer so isolated.

So, now it is time to explore the side roads of Varandha 🙂 These sections pass through small villages frozen in time where people would have rarely seen a car pass through. Don’t expect great roads, but the road condition is still good enough for any kind of car/bike to pass through without a problem (We had a Xylo and a Honda city). This stretch would make a great offbeat road trip.

Varandha Ghat

The route: You will go all the way to Bhor (which is the town on this side of Varandha ghat). The state highway (yellow road) goes through the regular Varandha Ghat. We will take the side one (right turn) which meets the main road after around 50 kms. You will spend around 1.5 hrs on this road without any stops. The second pt marked on the map (Unnamed road) is the location of a beautiful multi-layered waterfall (Visible from the road).

The roads are narrow, but the sights are great. And, you won’t practically find anyone! Better to go in a group (more than one vehicle) as there are no villages for kms and no mobile network too.

Varandha Ghat
Varandha Ghat

The waterfall will be the highlight of the trip. Nowadays, with crowds everywhere, it is rare to see a waterfall where you don’t see anyone else!

Varandha Ghat Waterfall

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