Google sees everything in your neighbourhood!

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No wonder i saw a party being held in the narrow lanes next to our apartment. The neighbourhood Istriwala (the guy who irons/presses your clothes) just realised that he is famous enough to be individually mentioned and even be considered a landmark on Google Maps. I guess Google Earth watches his movements everyday and adjusts this landmark depending on where he parks his cart on the road. Wow, that is pretty intelligent!

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2 Responses

  1. Divya says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    I wonder how you manage to find out times on wekeends to explore new places.
    I am sure you might also have a long list of household tasks to be completed.
    I am really impressed with your passion to explore new places.
    Me and my husband both IT professionals barely get time to visit such places with 1.5 year old kid. Although we love travelling.Please suggest

  2. Priya Samagod says:

    Read most of your posts…I love the pics and the sarcasm is funny… But THIS one is by far the most hilarious!! 🙂

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