Introducing “The Maha Map”

Some of us just cannot make any sense out of statements like “Go towards Paud, then turn west and go for 50 kms”, because our internal compass is just not tuned for such commands and we end up getting confused. But, a visual representation of the same make us feel at ease. The Maha Map (Map of Maharashtra) is the solution.

Things you can do with the Maha Map:

  • Locate your current position and look for places to visit nearby or within a comfortable radius.
  • If you are going to some place, you can find more places to see on the way or near the destination.
  • Or just visually browse and admire the beautiful places to see in Maharashtra!
  • Each placemark, when clicked , would show a photograph and a link to the post on the blog which would have more details on the place.

Click on map below to start exploring “the Maha Map”.

The Maha Map

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