Lions view point near Lonavala


Lions view point was easily the best part of my lonavala trip. The moment you reach the edge of the cliff after walking across the road, you just cannot avoid saying “wow!”. The view is majestic and panoramic. You would see dozens of small waterfalls all over the place with one waterfall pretty prominent in the view. If you know what the waterfall which appears in the middle of the pictures above and below ( and know the way to reach it), do leave a comment.


The wind is extremely strong at this place and it was quite thrilling to see many adventurous (or some may say foolhardy) people get close to the edge to get “that” living-on-the-edge photograph! On the left , you see a conical hill, which i came to know was referred to as the shiv-ling. Lions view point is a must-visit on a trip to lonavala.



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  1. Aarya says:

    What is the best time to visit there ? Morning or evening ? And how to reach there ?

  2. syali says:

    The place is awsme… If u want to visit waterfall then it is known as ulhas valley waterfall or canyon valley watrfall its the best place to visit … The treak is difficult but enjoyBle…. Do visit n share ur moment

  3. Gulam Mohammed Shaikh says:

    i don’t know the name of the water fall but the place is callled as Tiger’s Leap

    Tiger’s Leap is located at an elevation of 650 m. From this cliff-top that provides a sheer drop, tourists can enjoy view of the valley situated below. Named because of its appearance like a tiger leaping into the valley, it is also popularly known as ‘Vagdari’. At the site, tourists can also find an Echo Point.

    For travelling up to INS Shivaji, buses are available. After reaching this point, tourists can cover the remaining 1.6 km by walking. There is a small waterfall active only during the monsoon season, just around the site. The fall becomes a stream with a fair amount of force, after a brief steep descent.

  4. pppppp says:

    Previously lions were there so it might b called lions point…But nw all the lions ran away frm tht place coz they were afraid of u & torurists…

  5. abhinax says:

    Y thiz place iz knw as lions point? ny clue !!

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