ISKCON Temple NVCC in Kondhwa

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  1. sushma says:

    ISKCON NVCC (New Vedic Cultural Center) is located in the less congested area of Kondhwa near Pune. ISKCON NVCC is a temple devoted to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. The temple has lavish green hills in the background and provides its visitors with a great ambience. Once you enter the prayer hall, you will be awe-struck by the stunning idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. The idols are elegantly embellished with beautiful outfits and colourful garlands. The ceilings of the dome and the walls of the temple are artistically adorned with colourful paintings. The temple houses activities like youth training programmes and Bhagvat Gita reading classes, women and family empowerment activities, etc.

  2. omkar says:

    nice info

  3. milind bari says:

    I visit this temple. This is a very beautiful temple & it help you in self realization & spiritual progress.

  4. Narendra Rakibe says:

    Very beautiful temple…..a must visit place for everyone to get a glimpse into rich spiritual culture and values of india. Unfortunately people comment based on the externals that they see and rather than going in details. ISKCON is helping us remain connected to the our culture by offering so many courses, discussions etc. Let us take benefit of it.

  5. Rakshakagovinda das says:

    It is very beautiful, to develope krishna consiousness in a plesent atmospher and for student preaching purpose.
    I am seeing the H.G.Radheshyam pr heart in this beautifull atmospher.


    chant hare krishna and be happy

  7. Sanjiv says:

    A grand temple.. nice to visit even if you are not very religious.. there are 2 temples in the same premise.. one of krishna, balaram and subhadra; and the other one of Balaji (pics of deity not listed above). Even Khichdi prasad is very tempting. Temple is very GRAND, clean and well maintained.

  8. Ravi Rawat says:

    My friend got connected to ISKCON when we were in college in 4th year.He got fell into trap of Iskcon . I met him again after my college days. To my surprise the person who once was addicted to drinking, who was a chain smoker,who used to drink with me daily suddenly got changed.
    He left these all things.He looked very sober, composed and intellectual.I now feel that he entered into right hands.Although I cannot be equal to him, but slowly I will learn many things from him.

  9. sanjay hinduja says:

    It seems Iskcon Pune is a wealthy organisation and after takng the Darshan of such a huge temple its hard to digest that ISKCON pune is not that wealthy. But the fact is that ISKCON still needs money to construct the unaccomplished part of the temple and if one ask’s question how this temple was build , its actually a long story. In short ‘everything that glitters is not gold’

    But in any case ISKCON’s moto is always to serve people and to spiritually enlightened them.


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