Thokarwadi Dam – the best waterfall road trip near Pune

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  1. Sachin says:

    Hi I’m Sachin
    On khandi road at kambre is my village. There is my resort ( Forest Resto & outdoor camping)

  2. Kalpana says:

    Thanks Sethuraman. Nice place. My friend busted this place seems to be pretty good during this season. Pls let me know is there any overnite stay arrangements which is safe for female group
    Fall seems to be like bhandaradara fall

  3. I like it anonymous says:

    some places should be kept secret. Some blogger enthusiasts make a lonely virgin place popular for it to be fucked.
    When I discovered this spot 10 years back, I was on my own. Then and now.. I have seen people comming… Then and now I have seen this place become dirty with plastic, bottles, cheap people and now even a bunglow which the owner rents out.

  4. as written to you on mail, it is a 10 min walk, but thru fields and hence slippery.

  5. Roshan says:

    Is it long walk as I planned to take my mom as she is old can’t walk much is it okay or u have some ideas you can old share with me

  6. Deepali Das says:

    Thank you so much for a detailed and exhaustive write up about this beautiful waterfall route.Had no idea that such a place existed till I read your post.It made our day trip so easy.
    The only downside being that thousands like me must have read the same and so the place was teeming with picnickers from all walks of life!
    Henceforth will surely follow all your recommendations since the 1st experience was so good.

  7. Abhijeet Sharma says:

    Visited this area yesterday and I have to agree its breathtakingly awesome. Weather was perfect although it was raining but that added to natural beauty. First private waterfall is called Jagtap Waterfall. Entry fee is INR 100 per person but worth every penny. There is restaurant inside property serving food (Pithala Bhakhri , Bajra Roti With brinjal and bhajia optiond) and tea. Its worth trying. Whole trip around Thokharwadi is sublime specially if its raining.

  8. Baburao Bussari says:

    Thanks for Sharing….. I have been to this place in Sept. 2017….Very nice place to enjoy…..

  9. harshada says:

    I have visited Thokarwadi on last Saturday .The first one waterfall having steps like Bhushi dam was closed.

  10. there is only one road there. The road that i have given goes to the left of the dam, you continue straight to Khandi and then continue to come back to Kanhe from the other side.

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