Kodit Mhaskoba Temple near Saswad

One day, i got an email from a 70-yr old follower of my blog recommending this temple. He also sent me an article in Maharastra Times about the temple. It was in Marati and i didn’t understand it completely. But, any new place , that looks good on a photograph is good for a visit.

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

This was technically the first trip of the 2014 monsoon. Invariably, the first trip of the season is always to a temple. We usually have a big crowd for the first trip and the common safest denominator is a temple. Many retire for the season after the first trip and that’s when the walks and the treks start.

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

balaji narayanpur temple is just 10 kms away. Kanifnath temple is also close. We went through the Bopdeo ghat route, crossed kanifnath, then took a right after hiware. You can also come from Saswad. See the map below for the route to Kodit temple from Magarpatta City.

The temple seems to be modelled on the Balaji Narayanpur temple judging by the overall structure. The temple had dozens of mythological stories sculptured on its walls.

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

We reached there at around 12.45 and the main shrine was shut. They opened it at 1 pm. Free food was also served inside the temple. The idol was of the typical style you see in these areas, a single bodied, orange (vermillion?) covered one with giant eyes.

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

There is a restaurant called Madhuban which we always visit when we are in this area. We sometimes drive the extra 10 kms from Saswad towards Jejuri when we are returning through Saswad. We have even driven all the way from Pune for dinner 🙂 This place is very (extremely) hygienic (have a look at their kitchen, you will be surprised). Their Maharashtrian items (which they serve only during lunch) is very good. They have also a small lawn where the kids spent some time running around. The map to Madhuban is given below. It was a good trip which ended in a good lunch!

kodit mhaskoba temple near saswad

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7 Responses

  1. Suhas Gosavi says:

    Beautiful temple. Visited last month. I am following Rajaram’s blog whenever I want to plan a short trip to nearby places. Great work Rajaram !!! Keep it up. I have visited places like Ramdara, Bhuleshwar, Mayureshwar wildlife sanctuary, Neelkanteshwar,Kas plateau, Thoseghar etc . based on the information I got from this blog.

  2. rahul khot says:

    Very nice blog. Visited Kodit last week. Temple is very beautiful.

  3. harish says:

    Great post, i m also from pune, this place to near to my village. Thanks for sharing, in my next visit i will try to visit this beautiful temple…

  4. Tikona is relatively easy to climb. Should take around 1 to 1.5 hrs depending on photo stops. There are no steep slopes, but there are sections where are towards the edge where you have to hold on as it may have become slippery because of the rain. The approach to tikona is a normal road from paud (lot of potholes though). From the this road , u have to drive into the village for around a km to the parking.
    You can check my tikona snaps for reference (i went in ssummer). But if it rais heavily it is a problem as there is no covered area on the top

  5. Sonali Khanolkar says:

    I was going through your blogs.Good collection!!!

    Just needed to know about Tikona fort.
    I am planning to take my 5 yrear old for a treck to Tikona.
    1.Is there any climb where she cannot climb due to steep slope
    2.Is there any very narrow road?


  6. Anand, Saswad to Jejuri is 12 kms.
    On this road, you will see Madhuban on the right (going from Saswad) 10 kms from Saswad (there is a big sign of Madhuban above the hotel).

  7. ANAND says:

    Thanks!!! Wonderful temple to go to…Can u pls help me with Madhuban restaurant. How will I be able to reach it from this temple. Tried Gmaps but could not locate this restaurant


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