Kanifnath temple near Saswad

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    After 35 years I have visited the the historical and famous temple of Kanifnath. I am proud of this temple as its changes in 35 years. I rember I have entered in that mandIr with the position of head first and while head last at returning. I think today it is not possible due to presence of more public. Any way bright future for this natural, beautiful and historical place. I appreciate the work doing the management. I like the statue of incidents of Kanifnath birth. With best regards.

  2. Prashant Bharade says:

    Please, publish contact Number for Temple trusty.

  3. Ulhas says:

    I want temple trust phone number as I forgot to pick my specs from gangsta entrance.

  4. Satyam Pathak says:

    awesome place .. must visit once in life ….

  5. Very spiritual place to visit near Pune! Your Photography is also impressive!

  6. Pritesh says:

    I was not able to go inside because of fear that I may not be able to come out.

  7. dnyaneshwar misal says:

    niceee temple ……… #DeV_BaPPa

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