Places to see in Sindhudurg

While Mumbai is identified as the city abuzz with a thriving nightlife and a constant accelerated life due to heavy commuting, not far from the buzz is a peaceful respite – an islet in the Arabian Sea. Sindhudurg has been gaining popularity as one of the top weekend destinations from Mumbai for the last few years. Head South of Mumbai to the district to enjoy the verdant surroundings and various historical sites –

Sindhudurg fort

  1. The most peaceful of the sights is the weathered fortress on the shores of the sea in the town of Malvan. There are limited places to stay, but the destination ensures that you can stay clear of crowds.
  2. Sawantwadi works well as a hub to visit places like Amboli and the Nagartas waterfalls. The monsoons are no more looked upon as a daunting season to travel. With some amount of attention to the leeches, enjoy the relentless rain from a balcony and enjoy a good book in Sawantwadi.
  3. The ‘Dashavtaar’ art form of Sindhudurg is famous for its ritualistic dance and drama style. During festive occasions, the temples host shows for the locals and travellers. This 11th century art form is a great opportunity to get connected with traditions.
  4. Kunkeshwar Temple – The temple was built in 1100 A.D and was frequently visited by the famous warrior, Shivaji. For those who are not looking for a spiritual connect, Kunkeshwar is also famous for coconut, palm and mango plantations and a variety of seafood.
  5. Tarkarli – The search for an isolated beach, unhindered by touristy crowds is finally over. Enjoy this narrow beach stretch with some great Konkani food and options to tent on the sandy stretches.
  6. Shiroda Beach – Sparkling blue water and a destination that is replete with nature & wildlife, this beach is great for those who have a sense of adventure. The salt deposits and the Cajurina plantations are a delight for travellers here.
  7. Karvi – Karvi is a small village in the Amboli range of mountains which is famous for a type of flower that blooms once in seven years. A short hike is the best way to go searching for these flowers. Ensure that you have a local with you!
  8. Hiranykeshi – A place dedicated to Lord Shiva, Hiranykeshi is great to go during Shivaratri when pilgrims come from far away to pay homage to the temple here. The colourful festival is great for photo-opportunities.
  9. Dhamapur Lake – Spread over 5 acres, the Dhamapur Lake is situated on the Western part of the district. Many local tourists visit here for the lure of a peaceful destination with some fun activities like boating.
  10. Moti Lake – Sawantwadi town has yet another attraction amidst the green landscape – Moti or ‘Pearl’ Lake. This looks brilliant by the night.

Sindhudurg fort watchtower

So if you are looking for a peaceful holiday away from the rush in Mumbai, the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra offers a variety of places, the most relaxing being the unassuming beaches.

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    A very useful post, we were actually planning to visit a few places in Konkan.
    Last time in Vengurla, our trip was very funfilled. The place where we stayed – Golven Beach Resort was also very hospitable.
    Every time we visit Konkan, we have a new place to see.

    Thank you for helping!

  2. nithi says:

    Thanks for sharing the post.
    Its nice to visit. Last month we planned to visit sindhudurg.
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