Viyoddha Homestay near Satara

Viyoddha Homestay Satara Mahabaleshwar

A simple homestay with great food! We stayed there for 3 nights, spent almost the entire time indoors (playing a lot of board games) and had a variety of great local Maharashtrian food (some even local to the villages there!)

Viyoddha homestay is run by Mr.Vitthal. He stays there with his mom in one of the rooms. He personally takes care of the cleaning of the place. His brother’s family (from the village nearby) are responsible for the kitchen. There are 5 rooms, all opening out to a small verandah. Mr.Vitthal had left the comforts of the city and had decided to settle down in his native village (Nagewadi). He made this small homestay and maintains a farm in the same premises.

Viyoddha Homestay Satara Mahabaleshwar

The food is fresh and super tasty! Most of the ingredients are fresh from the farm (e.g. methi, jowar) and the variety served was very good. He provides all three meals on request. The rooms are very nominally priced (around 1200 per room per night – without food). Lunch and dinner cost around 150-200 per plate (depending on the choice of the thali). Breakfast ranges from 25-75 per plate (again based on the choice).

Viyoddha Homestay Satara Mahabaleshwar

The best scenario for this homestay is an overnight break for people travelling down south on the bangalore highway, from Mumbai. I will prefer this place as a base for roaming around places near Satara – lot of places to see e.g. Thoseghar, the stepwell, Kaas and many more. And, for this price of jusr around 1000 rs, it even can be considered for a few hrs break 🙂 The place is right next to the highway (see image above). So you don’t end up time driving into a city/village to reach the place. One con (that i barely noticed ) is the highway noise. I noticed it only when my wife pointed it to me. Unless you are used to a life without any noise, i don’t think this is a big issue.

Viyoddha Homestay Satara Mahabaleshwar

The rooms are clean, there is hot water throughout the day (geyser). The pic above shows the small verandah in the middle of the house. There is quite a lot of space around the house if you want to laze around amongst the plants. This is the location of Viyoddha Homestay –>

I also made a small video with my drone. Check it out below.

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