Visit to the Bhuleshwar Shiva temple

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  1. Krunal says:

    Thanks for helping me out to find such a nice place near Pune. I went there alone on my bike on 30th Dec 2016. It is way much developed place now and even they are developing a wild life area near temple where many animals are spotted as there is a jungle at foot of the hill.. I got a lot of information from security guards who also helped me showing ways to other destinations near by. They suggested me to go pandeswar and kanifnath which are nearby places and also lord shiva’s one of the oldest temple. I also went jejuri and moregaon ganpati ..I covered all this in less than a day.. Thanks for such a brief post and making me enthusiastic to visit there.

  2. Sid says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I visited this place n had a fab time.

  3. sandeep says:

    Amazing place. Thanks for such a precise post. You can’t miss.
    Love you always for your great suggestion. We had a great family time last weekend.
    Real offbeat, non commercial and peaceful place to visit for evening family picnic.

  4. This is a wonderful Lord Shiva Marble Statue temple. This blog also provides more information about lord Shiva temple which is establish in the Maharashtra. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  5. Goutam Das says:

    Been there this morning – enjoyed – and your direction really came handy.

  6. Sachin Potdar says:

    Thanks Rajan, I had been there on 14 Nov . its very nice place… enjoyed full day. Nice Pics. Thanks for the information.

  7. 07 Nov 13 – Had been to Bhuleshwar as guided in the blog by Rajaram. Found it to be extremely nice place ( a hidden treasure) The road is good now with minor bad patches. Though their are Two toll gates, however, you need to buy a daily pass which is valid at both gates (Rs 30). It takes 1 hour from Magarpatta and during summer it is good to be there before 6 PM and during winter it is good to be there before 5 PM. A Pleasent picnic place where we can send quality time.

  8. Shashank says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    Thanks for sharing your travel experiences. I really started liking to travel. I am a regular viewer of your blog.
    Yesterday, I had been to this place and it was exactly as you stated. Thank you for sharing your travel exp..


  9. Naveen Kundum says:

    Nice pics.. 🙂

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