Picturesque wai village near Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar

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  1. Anuj says:

    Thanks for your wonderful article, I visited Mahabaleshwar on 15 Aug. and visited all the points you have highlighted. Specially with Dhom Dam which people don’t explore.

  2. Jagdish Shah says:

    Very very good.

  3. Nainesh Naik says:

    Really great tour, planing it in near future. Wai is famous for its history from shivaji times. Also as central market place in that region, and many others. In recent few years more than 17 movies have been shot in and around Wai.

  4. Ravishankar says:

    Butiful we have been rushing to Mahabaleswar only some places (snaps) looks better than mahabaleswar .Thin I will have take a drive specialy for this place not,a stop on the way for Mahabaleswar

  5. Deepak jain says:

    Very nice blog… i can imagine how much research you must have done before writing it.. and pictures are amazing… Thanks and keep doing the good work.

  6. Vikram says:

    Its really nice place…

  7. Rajaram S says:

    thanks Kaustubh. Have been through this route to reach Dhom Dam. In plan is to continue further on the side of Dhom dam and drive until Balakwadi dam i.e. the one which is visible from Kate’s point in Mahabaleshwar

  8. Kaustubh says:

    There is another way to reach Dhom Dam – through Dhom village.

    The way you go from Wai to Menavali, keep going straight ahead from Menavali towards Dhom Village. From here also you can reach the Dam Walls.

    Next to the dam catchment area a road goes downwards to Dhomeshwar Mahadev Temple & Laxmi-Narasimha Temple. The temple is carved out of Black Rock & is said to be from Paandava era. Awesome photography destination.

    You can get more info from this blog —>
    (I am developing this page yet).

    You can explore this route next time.

  9. Narayan says:

    I enjoyed skimming through the blog and witnessing the photographs. They are all awesome.

  10. Rajaram S says:

    Thanks Divya. I have been in Pune for around 3,5 yrs now.

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