Picturesque wai village near Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar

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  1. Arvind says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information. I am a big fan of this movie and would love to visit this place. In fact I tried it once and failed to find the place. As showed in the map above, I reached the place and didn’t find anything. Afterwards I again checked this blog and found that you just mentioned the address of Wai and not exact location. Then I searched on the map and found this location 17°58’05.0 N 73°51’44.7 E. This infomration could have saved my one trip. Any way I will visit it again. Thanks for the information.

  2. thanks Jyoti, will plan a visit.

  3. Jyoti says:

    We visited Wai in Jan 2015. I see you like to explore old temples. Then you must go to Wai once again. There is a lovely temple of Narsimha just a few kms ahead of Menavali ghat. There is a statue of Nandi atop a turtle amidst a lotus shaped structure. Very beautiful to look at. The drive is also nice.

  4. I seethT you have explored quite a it of my home base. I’m from Menawali. The rock formation above the Dhim reservoir is called navra navri cha dongar. The flat above it is called kamal gadh. This and most other ghads in this valley are out posts, or watch towers of the Maratha army. You can see the foundations of the barracks if you trek up, it’s an over night trip. The Krishna valley was an access route to pratapghad. Fazal Khan marched up this valley to his death at the hands of Shivaji. So this whole plac is dotted with ghads.
    Wai is a taluka, it’s the first place with the oldest documented Hindu Muslim riots. You may have missed the city walls and wooden gates that still intact in most part. There is much more to see and phot graph in this valley alone !!

  5. yup, early morning in the winter would be gr8. From pune, it is a comfortable day trip. If you want to stay, you can stay at Panchgani or Mahabb.

  6. Ashutosh says:

    Just wana know is dec the right time to go to wai and is there any place where we can stay for a night?

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