Monsoon 2013: Mini round-trip to Kanifnath Temple

It was a lazy Sunday and it was raining. So, an impromptu plan was made for a small round-trip.

bopdev ghat kanifnath temple

Bopdev Ghat can be considered as probably the closest ghat section to proper city, as it is just a few kms off kondhwa area. The climb is smooth and there are wonderful views from the ghat

bopdev ghat kanifnath temple

bopdev ghat kanifnath temple

The route: Starting from Magarpatta, we went through the Bopdev Ghat (Also known as Bopdeo ghat), onto Kanifnath temple, continued to Saswad and back.

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bopdev ghat kanifnath temple

If you want to see more details on Kanifnath temple(and it was some unique things!), go over to my first post on Kanifnath temple.

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3 Responses

  1. S Dhir says:

    Totally based on your website we went to this beautiful temple with family. Amazing place clean road

  2. Praveen Kawade says:

    We visited on 17-Jan-2016 and followed same route as mentioned from Bapdev ghat. The view from top of ghat is awesome and it is amazing to see how wide spread pune city is on clear visibility day. We tried to go around 4PM just before the sunset time and there is lot for the first timers.

    The entry into the main temple after changing clothes seemed difficult in the beginning. However, after few attempts was able to manage to enter inside a window size which is probably 2X3 ft . After coming out also taking temple photos, donation, books purchasing, snacks, vegetables on the way near arch so overall it took good amount of time. There were so many vegetable sellers on road side between temple main road and saswad.

    On the way back we went to Jadhav Gadh fort hotel and had dinner there. This hotel is also very good inside we took walk around the pool side, gardens, ganesh temple, tents then dinner with karaoke and to our surprise the Chajja restaurant rates were almost like a shopping mall restaurant rates. We were expecting higher bill and at the end almost same like eating in a restaurant in Seasons or Amanora mall. Barbeque grill and Paytha were not in operation as not many guests were there but overall we could spend another 2-3 hours in that fort area.

    One could plan to go to Purandar fort also that is about 10-15 KMS from Shri Kanifnath temple, we did not go there but can be another place to visit. Overall i see 5 major attractions in this area Jejuri temple, Purandar fort, Kanifnath temple , Jadhav garh fort hotel and Bapdev ghat. I believe Green tokri location is also not that far from the Khanifnath temple and is located between Kanifnath temple and saswad near khed shivapur.

  3. tejas says:

    The college below the ghat is our college. Trinity college of engineering. And kanifnath is a nice place to visit. We’ve been there many times. Your webpage is always a reference for me whenever I decide to plan a trip with my friends.

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