Krishnabai temple near Panchganga temple – Old Mahabaleshwar

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  1. Viji says:

    Thats strange even i have dreamt of this place like playing with colors during my childhood days and i was looking for this pic for almost evrywhere and finally i got it.. tysm for uploading this pics

  2. Rajaram S says:

    No one was complaining abt the photographs when i went (Poojari was also there). In summer, it would not be so attractive. Visit during the monsoons , it is awesome. it was raining when we were there. They SAY that Krishna originates there, i am not sure of the Geography part.

  3. Good Photographs – Just wondering on how you took snaps !!!! Photograpy is not allowed there and it is being gaurded by poojari. I had been there just recently and found it to be dry. Not sure if this is the exact place where river Krishna originates or a symbolic worship place.

  4. Javed says:

    Thank you Rajaram…in spite of being born on the banks of river Krishna, I was unknown of this fact of Krishnabai temple. I am amazed to know about this and planning to visit the same soon…

  5. Marry says:

    Mahabaleshwar is beautiful hill sation in Pune. I read your post and I really enjoy. I want to see again. It is one of the pleasant place in India. It is helpful for me. India is a cultural or spiritual country. It has many historical and religious place for visiting. If you want to visit India you must watch London of India Darjeeling. This is one of the beautiful places on earth.

  6. Gislaine says:

    Thank you Rajaram. I was beginning to think I had somehow “dreamed up” this image in my memory of the waters of a river flowing out from an animal’ s mouth! I was a small child when we visited this place, and I thought it was the mouth of a bull. Is ther something similar in Wai?
    My schooldays were in Panchgani, and my mother took us to visit many of the places you are covering in your very interesting articles. Thank you!!

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