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Imagine going to a beautiful fort and then learning that you have to climb 2 hours to see the “beautiful” part. The aim of this page is to help you avoid such scenarios. You choose the options you are interested in and this page lists only those places which qualify for those options. If you need details on the assumptions, please scroll down below.






  • If you don’t care about a particular category, leave it empty. Places which fit into all the different kinds in that category will be displayed. If you don’t see any output after clicking Search, then i probably don’t have a place to list for the combination you chose.
  • You have to press Search if you change any options and want to see the revised list.
  • Duration: Under the assumption that you are using your own transport. Half Day: 5-6 hrs One day: Start early morning and back by night Weekend: Requires an overnight stay Weekday: Close to/Within the city that you can visit even after work
  • Area: Pune: Within/Very close to Pune City. Near Pune: Usually < 100 Kms. Konkan: Anywhere on the Arabian coast ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Type: Drive: Mostly, a place known for scenic beauty, but the drive to the place is also good. Walk: May/May not be uphill, but assumption that it doesn’t require any special physical fitness. Trek: Better to be in good shape if you want to attempt (I am a typical S/W guy with reasonable levels of fitness!). Just See: The drive to the place is nothing much to write about, but you have stuff to see at the destination.
  • If you think that any of the places need a reclassification, let me know through the contact form.
  • Disclaimer: These ratings are my assumptions and may differ for you ๐Ÿ™‚

95 Responses

  1. Manas says:

    I am planning a weeklong trip for some peace, fun and adventure near Pune. Beachside would be preferable. Any leads on this would be highly appreciated.

  2. This very good place.

  3. Avinash says:

    The list which I have provided, is places all around satara. Satara district has hilly, historical and spiritual places so there are many places which are way too much attractive to visit once

  4. Avinash says:

    1. Aundh – for its museum, and a hilltop temple
    2. Brahmapuri near Rahimatpur – for its temple and a beautiful krishna river flowing alongside.
    3. Kinhai – temple at the hilltop
    4. Jarendeshwar – If you like trekking then it’s a must visit
    5. Shikhar shinganapur -hilltop temple owner rajah of satara
    6. Koyna dam – this is considered to be the prati mahabaleshwar and indeed it’s way more beautiful than crowded, dirty and costly mahabaleshwar. From Koyna, you can travel to guhagar beach right through the jungle which has a beautiful ghat section. You will never forget this amazing journey

    I can go on and on and list down many unknown places around satara which are still untouched by the tourists. If you like to explore totally uncrowded places then I can provide a long list of it

  5. Anoop says:

    Hi, we are totally 8 people planning to visit konkan coast next weekend. Since we have no idea ragarding the coastal area please guide us and also let me know what are the places to be visited.

    Thank you.

  6. Sunil says:

    we are 6 people planning to visit pune, lonaval, karla caves etc and near by places in our own vehicles. it’s a three day trip. Please suggest us places to visit and cover in limited time span.

  7. Sajjankumar says:

    We 10 senior citizens planning to visit mahabaleshwar and bhimashankar and pune landing 5th may at 7am pune airport tempo traveller arranged please guidewhat to visit weather hot or cold how much time to reach mahabaleshwar

  8. Johny says:

    This site is really helped me to plan many trips around pune during monsoon and post monsoon, Rajan, you are doing an awesome job. Your narration about the locations and tips to plan the trip are really a great help. Keep up the good work.

    I will be travelling to pune with group of friends from May 22 to May 30 and I am planning to visit places around pune. Can you please suggest us few good places to visit during the period…Thanks for your help in advance.

  9. Bhavin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please guide me what other places are worth to visit near Bhimashankar… my trip will be start tomorrow early morning with my parents and is for one full day. Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,

  10. Divya says:

    Its an awesome idea… The planner is damn great…
    Congos to the Big work.Have visited few places already.
    Hope ur planner will help fasten my pune site seeing…
    Many a thanks.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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