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My name is Rajaram Sethuraman (Google+ Profile). I am married and my wife’s name is Vidhya Ganesh. We currently live in Pune. We have two daughters, Akshara and Advika. We moved from Cyprus in April 2009 after a stay of almost 8 yrs there. The 8 years in Cyprus were an eye-opener for me in terms of travelling and enjoying the bounties of nature.

Cyprus, though very small, had so much to offer to the interested explorer, that a casual Cyprus travel blog which i started on Cyprus, eventually grew big with me adding details on all the places i visited. I still keep updating it as there are dozens of places which i am yet to write about.

I hope to continue to travel even while in Pune and to keep me motivated, i have started this pune blog called Places near Pune, which will contains details and photographs of all places around Pune that i visit.

UPDATE: It’s been a little more than 6 yrs in Pune now (Aug 2015) and i have enjoyed every minute of it. This blog has grown into a good reference for places to visit around Pune, but if you count the number of places, it is not even (proverbially) the tip of the iceberg. I think i can spend every weekend of my life going to a different place here. My journey continues and so will this blog’s…


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  1. Nikhil says:

    I need to go for a trip for weekend around pune.
    Please suggest some good options.
    We have do not have car,so can u plz suggest some good options which we can explore ..


  2. Pradeep Paul says:

    What is of archiological interest that you can visit in Satara city itself. could any one please guide and advice me.

  3. Rajaram S says:

    Yes Pradeep. Life jacket is a luxury in probably 90% of the boats in India.
    There is no rule regd this and hence no one follows this.
    The villagers have been crossing these waters for ages and hence dont believe in this.

  4. Pradeep Paul says:

    We plan to visit Bimnoli. In that connection I rung up the boat club at Bimnoli and to my disappointment learnt that they do not have and so do not provide such basic and essential item as the life jacket to people who take boat ride.

    I hope and request people through this post not to accept such sub standard service which endangers our lives but to insist on having life jackets while taking a boat ride.

  5. gouri says:

    Much appreciated.Keep going:)

  6. hi,Mr.dRajaram nd sweet family .jst started de travel business nd was needed information….ur blog really helped me…nd hoping d best…THANX to u nd ur blog …keep it up .thnx

  7. kamal singh saini says:

    Many many thanks for this great website and you have a very nice name also.

  8. vishal.hunalli says:


    i m really thankfully to you for sharing such great information on your block ,your work is really appraisal able .thanks a lots

    may u keep discovering new place .

    god bless


    vishal Hunalli
    (your admirer)

  9. Florinda Maune says:

    They are just superb !!!! Thanks a lot for sharing those beautiful wallpapers with us……

  10. Saad says:

    hi rajam,

    really very great journy….. n its most comendable that yr lovely wife n sweet littel daughter r with u to exlpore n enjoy nature….keep sending such information….keep it up.. all the best to yr family

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