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My name is Rajaram Sethuraman (Google+ Profile). I am married and my wife’s name is Vidhya Ganesh. We currently live in Pune. We have two daughters, Akshara and Advika. We moved from Cyprus in April 2009 after a stay of almost 8 yrs there. The 8 years in Cyprus were an eye-opener for me in terms of travelling and enjoying the bounties of nature.

Cyprus, though very small, had so much to offer to the interested explorer, that a casual Cyprus travel blog which i started on Cyprus, eventually grew big with me adding details on all the places i visited. I still keep updating it as there are dozens of places which i am yet to write about.

I hope to continue to travel even while in Pune and to keep me motivated, i have started this pune blog called Places near Pune, which will contains details and photographs of all places around Pune that i visit.

UPDATE: It’s been a little more than 6 yrs in Pune now (Aug 2015) and i have enjoyed every minute of it. This blog has grown into a good reference for places to visit around Pune, but if you count the number of places, it is not even (proverbially) the tip of the iceberg. I think i can spend every weekend of my life going to a different place here. My journey continues and so will this blog’s…


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  1. Devendra Govande says:

    Great work… Thanks !

  2. Subha says:

    Thanks to my father’s job, I had nice experience of my limited stay at Satara.
    Your posts on Thoseghar, Bamnoli, Wai, et al brought those memories alive.

  3. Subha says:

    Nice stuff, many thanks!

  4. Piyali says:

    Very Nice….Its really appreciated…

  5. Hotel in Pune says:

    Really very nice and keep it up.

  6. Hi Rajaram ,
    Appreciate your effort to capture the nitty-gritty to the world through your page along with some beautiful images.. I went to Pune few times.. but this time I saw your blog.. and my expectations goes many fold.. Thanks for sharing..

  7. Nitin Ruke says:

    Nice click you are looking sooooo good to each other

  8. RUPESH POTE says:

    VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Excellent job you done. Best wishes for future as well. Have fun n had a fun Thanks….
    If possible you can also post the next planning so that way we( me & my friend) also join you , Learn from you and enjoy a moment with you.

    Thank you so much… !!!!

  9. Rupesh Rana says:

    Ya Sep is the best time to visit kaas Plateau, We have visted the same on 21 Sep 13.

  10. Asha Iyer. says:

    Hi, We have decided to visit the Kas Plateau on the 14th Sept. Will it be fine?

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