Trek to Purandar fort – in the rain

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  1. Satheesh says:

    We trekked yesterday as the weather was perfect. But due to landslide we could not go all the way up. So we had to find alternate way to go reach the road going all the way up. Also we went in the evening and the army checkpost would not allow after 5 pm to go up by car. There were atleast 3 challenging steep rocky climb. It was fun.

  2. anusia says:

    This is just awesome. Rain adds beauty to it.

  3. Manasa says:

    Hi, after reading your blog post, 9 of us planned a trek to this fort, and had a jolly good time! Looking forward to visiting more places around Pune with the help of your travelogues. Thank you, and keep it up!

  4. barge vasant says:


  5. barge vasant says:

    Purandar was always wonderful and my hearthrobe. During August, atmosphere looks exceptionally well. Photos above are beautiful and I have seen them when I visited the fort and surrounding during light drizzle. Little rain, little coolness and heart filled with pride of Marathas and Murar Baji, you are heaven and could feel you too were soldier some time.

    Reaching from Murar Baji’s position to Shanker temple, there are patches of road which could mislead unless you are moving in group. demarkation like in Shivneri fort will do a real good for the lovers of Purnadar Fort.

    All the best. Please do let me know if any group is going during 2013 rains.

  6. Hi Friends……….This Dashrat Bandal from Mumbai…….Purandhar fort is the very memorable place as well as must importent part of indian/Maharashtra history.

  7. Gislaine says:

    My father,an army doctor was “stationed” there when I was a tiny tot and I remember the wild quality of the place. There were panthers around in those far off ” colonial” days.
    Thank you for the memories!

  8. Arati says:

    Thats an awesome explanation….almost felt as if m already there…planning trek on coming weekend…thanks for sharing wonderful info.

  9. Carolyn Irani says:

    Will definitely go to Purandhar fort if I can get my friends to agree! The road directions are very helpful. Carry on the great work !!

  10. dashrath tukaram bnandal says:

    purandhar fort is very nice place,allredy i have went there 4 times along with my group (vikram bandal,amol bandal,kalidas bandal,prashant bandal,vaibhav bandal,sachin bamdal,nana bandal)currently i have settled in mumbai with worked in RAMADA-HOTEL POWAI AS L.P.SUPERVISOR

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