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31 Responses

  1. Swapnil Jadhav says:

    Me and my team meat wants to be there,
    Please give details for stay..

  2. Narayan sawant says:

    Bendewadi waterfall ( search on map )

  3. Medha says:

    Hello Rajaraman,

    Thank you for this informative blog. It really helps to find new places to visit near Pune. My query is, we’re planning to go with our two small kids to thokarwali falls.. the walk part you mentioned is 10 mins slippery farm area. Do you recommend going there with 2 small kids?

    Happy blogging

  4. Dr Hrishikesh BBhujbal says:

    Hi i am follower of ur blogs n site.. and its realky helpful .. can you mention some short night drives around punev, with family n frnds . Which will be safe n joyful.. thanks in advance..

  5. Dev says:

    Can you help me out with one thing? I was planning to go to Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai by road this weekend. Just wanted to know if the road is drivable. Four of us will be riding along in wagon r. Please suggest

  6. Ganesh says:

    Thanks a lot for wonderful pics and information….!

  7. Mangal says:

    Ahh, sorry, you are right. I got confuse because I think someone mentioned in comments about “Prati Pandharpur”. When I google “Prati Pandharpur” it return a result from your website, that confused me.
    Though I still feel browsing/searching within the website can be better, just a honest feedback.

  8. Mangal, currently the search is just on a keyword basis. I actually havent mentioned ‘Prati Pandharpur’ anywhere. Even if i mentioned “Pandaripur”, it wouldn’t show up in the results.

  9. Mangal says:

    By the way, not very much impressed by the “website”. Searching something is very difficult. I searched “Prati Pandharpur” but it didn’t return single result. I’m sure you mentioned Prati Pandharpur at least in couple of posts.

  10. Mangal says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    great work. Kudos.
    Curious to know, which is your most favorite weekend destination out of all these?(1 day round trip)

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